Green Key Management, LLC, vindicated. Wins Defamation Lawsuit.

August 18, 2016

Green Key Management, LLC, and its owner, Seth Greenky, have been vindicated in New York State Supreme Court by winning a defamation suit.  A smear was leveled against me on the internet by a former client in order to hurt me, my reputation, and my business.  So, if you see any garbage about me on the web, that’s all that it is….garbage.  Sometimes it’s impossible, to remove lies from the Web, even when they are proven lies, and harm continues. A jury has rightfully vindicated me.

Manager Seth Greenky on Agents and Managers

June 11, 2019

Manager Seth Greenky on Agents and Managers

At what stage of a career is a manager necessary?
There isn’t a time when a manager is not necessary. A newcomer needs guidance to avoid the many mistakes of an amateur. Having a manager may put you five years ahead of someone who does not have the benefits of a manager’s experience and contacts. If someone has become successful, then a manager is needed to help weed through offers, help set career direction, deal with publicists, and a million other things that come along with professional success.

What can a manager do that an agent can’t?

Managers are generally able to give more attention to the individual because we have fewer clients. We help someone who doesn’t have an agent to find one, or if needed, help find a new one. Agents prefer someone who has been screened and properly prepared in the ways of the business. That’s why it’s called personal management.
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How do agents and managers work together?
I can’t speak for other managers, only myself. First, I make sure that my client’s agent is paying enough attention to my client. We oftentimes will work together on trying to create opportunities for the shared client. If requested (I usually am), I will co-submit to a casting director in conjunction with the agent. I may send one headshot while the agent sends a different shot, so the casting director gets two looks. When an agent needs to negotiate I’ll advise on what is or is not acceptable, whether it’s compensation, hours, scheduling, or even how much and what type of nudity might be permissible. Sometimes an agent will be busy and will ask me to follow up with a casting director or get the sides/script to the actor. I make sure they are prepped for the audition, and whether they should revisit their coach (almost always) beforehand. Sometimes I’ll get a lead on something and feed the info to the agent to follow up, or vice versa. It’s a team effort.


July 19, 2018

The fabulous Julia DiVergilio signs up for another three years with Green Key Management, LLC. She is an awesome actor, singer, and dancer with a unique look. Love this gal!


Green Key Management signs NICK GENTA.

June 22, 2018

Gifted Actor and Princeton Grad, NICK GENTA, has signed with Green Key Management.
He was immediately sent to a well-known photographer where he took some brand new headshots.  Putting his head together with his manager, Seth Greenky, they are editing his various videos into appropriate reels.  It won’t be long before Nick will be seen by Agents and Casting Directors.  GO TEAM!

GKM Honored To Be Repping Twice EMMY AWARD nominee, JENNIFER BASSEY.

June 15, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that GKM has the honor to now be representing Twice Emmy Award-nominated JENNIFER BASSEY! Jennifer is a veteran of Broadway, Film, and Television, including a 28 year Contract role on ABC TV’s “ALL MY CHILDREN.” Recently Guest Starred on “Grey’s Anatomy.”  So much more.

Jennifer was born in Chicago. Her first job in entertainment was as a singing Playboy bunny in the very first Playboy Club. She left her bunny ears behind and was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, where she got the lowest entrance marks in the history of the academy. Three years later, she graduated from the RADA with honors, finishing just below classmate and future Academy Award-winner, Sir Anthony Hopkins. Jennifer went on to the Big Apple, where she appeared in several Broadway and off-Broadway productions. Some of which included Neil Simon’s “California Suite,” “Not Now Darling,” directed by George Abbot, “In Praise of Love” with Rex Harrison and “The Homecoming” (The Original Royal Shakespeare Production).

Her most recent off-Broadway credits include Molier’s “Tartuffe” and Wendy Wasserstein’s “Isn’t It Romantic,” both staged at the Tribeca Playhouse. Prior off-Broadway appearances included playing “Katherine” in “The Taming of the Shrew” at the Roundabout Theatre, “Lady Macbeth” in “Macbeth” at the Stratford Theatre and “Love Letters,” in which she co-starred with Ken Kercheval.

In 1983, Miss Bassey won the role of “Marian Colby” on “All My Children,” initially signing for a five-month stint. Due to the incredible popularity of her character, she became a Contract Player and spent 28 years on the stalwart daytime drama.

Beyond her other dramatic successes, she has enjoyed a flourishing film career that includes such feature films as “Waxwork, “Twogether, which also featured both the performing and directing talents of Nick Cassavetes, and “Dunston Checks In” where in a scene-stealing, skin-revealing moment, she received an orgasmic massage from an orangutan! Jennifer has achieved prime-time success, most recently as a Guest Star on “Law & Order,” “30 Rock,” Grey’s Academy,” and a recent arc in a return to Daytime in “General Hospital,” among many other Prime Time shows.

In addition to her Two Emmy nominations (including one this year), she also received two Soap Opera Digest Awards, the second of which was shared with her co-star, David Canary, for Favorite Couple. 

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys outdoor activities and is an aspiring writer, whose latest effort is a new night-time series called “Nightfall,” which is currently under consideration for production by HBO.
Her range is astounding as you can see reflected in the breadth of her roles, from dramatic doyenne to comedy.


June 24, 2017

So, any “garbage” you see on the Web about me, is just that.  Garbage!


Update: It took 7 long years to go through the courts, but, I have won my case in a Defamation lawsuit regarding a lying, filthy smear that was leveled against me by a former client. With the verdict in my favor he made an apology in court and a quick “mea culpa” on Facebook, that only had limited reach.  Sometimes it’s difficult, if not impossible, to take lies down from the Web, even when they are proven lies, and harm can continue.  At this time, there is no need for me to call this person by name. That will take place at a time and place of my choosing, He deserves no publicity.  if I feel it is appropriate, and at a time of my choosing. I may also include a copy of his Facebook apology at that time so you know who this liar is.

Below, I am holding the court’s decision giving me complete victory.  I have blurred out the loser’s name.  If my tone is a bit non-diplomatic, it is well-justified.  Thanks!

More news and details will be released at a later time.


September 23, 2016

Congrats to Collin Christopher (“How I Met Your Mother,” “The Middle,” “Mad Men,” recurring on “Ray Donovan,” and more), for booking and shooting an episode of (not allowed to say) in the role of (not allowed to say). But, I am allowed to say “congrats.”8f285b0e-6ccc-4a8d-a45b-213ccf36d759

Todd D. Thomas, 2 bookings in 2 weeks.

September 23, 2016

Congrats to Todd D. Thomas who booked his 2nd gig in 2 weeks.
First was a pharmaceutical campaign. Today, he shot a comm’l for Mastercard!img_6143r

Green Key Management wins Defamation Suit

June 23, 2016

Partial Announcement: After 7 years, I have won my case in a Defamation lawsuit in a smear that was leveled against me by a former client. With the verdict in my favor, a settlement has been reached in lieu of punitive damages. As a show of the sincerity of this person’s contrition, this person has agreed to make a public apology in the near future. As a sign of reconciliation and good will, I was asked by this person if I would, once again, be this person’s representative. I have accepted this person’s apology because I believe it is sincere and have agreed to take this person back as a client. All-in-all, I consider that amazing and hope it serves as an example that two people, who were at bitter odds for so long, can attempt to put things back together. At this time, there is no need for me to call this person by name. That will take place at a time and place in the next month or two. As a sign of our re-gained mutual respect, though I did not have to, I asked this person if I could post this. The response from this person was: “I think that’s fine and fair.”
—————If you think you know who this person is, please do not write that person’s name in a comment.

How Can You Be A Good Client? From “Backstage.”

May 23, 2016